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Here at King William Playgroup we use an individual ‘learning through play’ approach with every child to fulfil their potential.

Giving all children the best of opportunities for effective development of all the areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

We work within an inclusive Framework, building positive relationships with parents and carers to ensure equal opportunities for all.
We pride ourselves on being a fun, relaxed informal setting with an ‘open door’ policy for all.

Meet Our Team

Our well established highly qualified and experienced team are committed to support each individual child through their own learning journey.
Their patient, fun-loving and caring nature ensures each child fulfils their own potential. Their aim is to encourage respect, manners and kindness towards each-other.

Teresa Smith
Playgroup Manager & Safeguard Lead (NVQ2, NVQ3, NVQ4)
Don’t mess with the boss!
Teresa is amazing, you could even go as far as calling her the “child whisperer” Her passion, patience and natural ability with the children should be bottled. She has the experience and ability to fully understand the needs of every single child in playgroup….she just knows!
Teresa has the perfect balance of being firm and fair on the outside and soft and squidgy on the inside. The children adore her enthusiasm for fun and the staff have the ultimate respect for her as a manager.
Tracy McGunigall
Senior Play Assistant & Health & Safety Representative (NVQ2, NVQ2)
Part of the bricks and mortar!

Tracey is our longest serving member of staff and has been with KWP since the beginning in 1990. She is very softly spoken, kind and caring and occasionally a little shy. She always puts everyone and everything before herself. She can however be forgetful and can never remember where she puts things.

She loves cheese, hence her nickname, “Tracey cheese” and is always happy and motivated to do her best.

Tracey is hard working, passionate and focused on ensuring the children are achieving. She is a lovely person to work with and always puts smiles on our faces

Hayley Wooster
Play Assistant Diploma Level 3
Just lovely!
Hayley is our newest member of staff, and were very privileged to have her on board. She is hugely dedicated and enthusiastic about her work with the children and her smile is a great comfort to little eyes.
Hayley is keen to learn and expand her knowledge of early years and find out more to benefit the children. She is a huge favourite, mainly due to her kind, sweet and calming nature. Hayley has a fun personality and isn’t afraid to try anything…..she is just lovely!!
Sharon Woods
Playgroup Supervisor & SENCO (Diploma Level 2, Diploma Level 3)
The life and soul of the party!

This fun loving lady has more energy than most of our children. A warm and lively, sparkling personality and she doesn’t take anything too seriously. She’ll be the first up dancing with the children and gives everything 110%.

Sharon is our assistant manager and complements Teresa well in her manager role. She is also firm, but fair and her professionalism glows throughout. Sharon is very kind and caring and always has time for you. She resolves any issues and worries professionally, in an empathetic way.

Eileen Martin
Bank Staff (NVQ3)
Our artistic director and productions manager!

Eileen is bursting with a fantastic, fun and creative personality. She has a brilliant sense of humour and is the brains and creative force behind our amazing playgroup productions. These are always very impressive, funny and witty and enjoyed by everyone.

She is very artistic and her enthusiasm for creativity and imagination, really inspires the children. The children really warm to her bubbly ways.

Nicola Hobdell
Administrator & Safeguarding Represetative

Kind, sweet and bubbly!

Nicola is our wonderful administrator and one man band cleaning queen. She has amazing organisational skills and is a great communicator, glowing with warmth and smiles to both adults and children.

She is extremely approachable and we’re lucky to have someone with so many lovely attributes; trustworthy, kind, supportive, reliable, great listener and enthusiasm to name a few.

Nicola always has time for people and is happy and eager to help. She juggles many tasks, so please show patience for her demanding role.